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-With Standart License you will recieve only JPG. (This file can be opened in packages programs.For example Adobe Photoshop.).

-With Extended Licence ( License for Resale) you will recive layered Adobe Photoshop file or Adobe Illustrator EPS/AI.

-With Exclusive License you will recieve Adobe Photoshop File or Adobe Illustrator EPS/AI files and also if you purchase design with this license after your buying ,design will be removed from the iPattern.

After purchase process, the system will generate a unique download link for limited time period, you can download immediately your file or save the link for future downloads.

You can pay for your purchases with PayPal or with your Card.

-YES ,you can. You can upgrade your license through iPattern user profile. You should follow these steps;

Profile > Transactions > Upgrade License

-YES, you can. You should send an e-mail about your request after that our support team members will check if the design has not been sold,  we will upgrade it from Standart License to Exlusive License.

-If you purchased design with Standart License you CAN NOT use design on products for commercial revenue generation. If you would like to use for commercial revenue genertion you will need Extended License.

No Return. If you face any problem with design that purchased from iPattern please inform us via e-mail Our support team members can contact the designer to solve design's problem as soon as possible.

You can delete the design from  iPattern. After the changes that you want to make it, you can upload it again.

-You can share your iPattern profiles on several social media platforms We suggest to you , when you are sharing your profile/ works on social media platforms ,you should use our special hashtags which releated about our website.

#ipattern , #ipatterncom

The seller/designer gets %50 commission on sales. Payment amounts can depend on sale price.

You should send at least 5 images from your best works. 

It is really important to pick related categories for your designs. Thanks to that buyers can find your designs easily.

-We are selling Adobe Photoshop Files and Adobe Illustrator files according to that you should follow upload design rules which are,

*The minimum file size for Photoshop file is 3000px X 3000px wide

*Jpeg format should be in Quality 12/Max.

*Colour mode have to be set to RGB.

-Yes, it should be special to iPattern.You can sell other designs in other platform. In addition to those information there is one more information which is very IMPORTANT  all your designs should include your own unique elements. You can not use iStock,Shutterstock or any other stock design elements on your designs. After the researches ,if they (our support unit members ) realize, they will remove your design from the iPattern.

-As an iPattern we do not accept one layer for Adobe Photoshop files. It must be at least 2 layers and maximum 20 layers.

-On iPattern there is a special feature for you that when the buyer looking a pattern  they can change the background colour.It will help to sell your design so your design’s background should be changeable.

-Yes as far as possible. In general seamless patterns are more prefable than other kind of  pattern types.

P.s. Please be sure to click right button about your designs repeating style.

Payments will be sent to your PayPal account or your Bank account on or around end of the month. (For Previous Cycle) You will receive a notification of your payment.

If your PayPal account or Bank account are not been set up correctly you will not be able to receive payments.

-If you follow these steps you can check what you want.

Profile >  Transactions

YES, you can delete your design from iPattern. You should follow these steps;

Profile >  My Designs

iPattern, the only address where you have access to talented designers' unique designs and trend picks. We are proud to be in fashion industry for many years .Here you can explore trends,buy pattern and sell thousands of pattern from around the world and here is the best place to sell pattern and buy pattern.


-You can view 4 designs for free after that you shoud become a member.

-To create and use  MyBox you should become a member.

-To folllow your favorite designer and to get our special offers

-To puschase/sell a design you should become a member.

Yes, you can.  You should follow these steps;

Profile > Profile Settings

-Mybox feature is best alternative creating agenda for your wishes and likes on iPattern.

-You can share your myBox with your collueges. It is so simple to do that just copy to URL link and share it .