2023 Trends

As everybody knows that every six months important designers whom for fashion industry show their collections to buyers, fashion editors and trend cathers. Thanks to those fashion designers we can follow the upcoming and the latest fashion trends.

In this article we are going to mention about the trends of prints & patterns and colors of 2023!

Let’s begin!

We must underline busy and expressive repeats, mixed and match style, unrealistic-abstract styles and artistic bold colors from the top of the trend list of 2023. When we talk about the most trend prints; there will be ”Leopard Prints” on the first line. Chevrons,plaids,animal prints,-like zebra and giraffe- checks, ginghams and of course floral prints are following the leopard prints.

Time to focus on the color parts of trends.

In thşs section bold and vibrant colors welcome us. According to Color Institute of Pantone; yellow, orange, fuchsia, green and natural hues are very trendy. Furthermore; rose violet, red, honeycomb,blueand powder pink are the other key colors for 2023.

As a result we can say that prints and colors are back in fashion. for sure all of us are back in fashion.