80’s glam

Just like leopard, it seems like 80’s trends will never go off style. With giant bows, pearls, glitter and jacket-skirt suits, you will be the lady you have never been before, of course in style. To apply the trend, your key is glitter and shiny patterns. As 80’s means shoulder details and extravaganza accessories, try to make people look at you with your 80’s prints including these points.

Shining prints and patterns have never been this desired before. If you are looking for an up-to-date style with a nostalgic twist, get ready to add some polka dots, stripes, bows and romantic attitude to your wardrobe. Louis Vuitton’s futuristic touch with glam fabrics and Balmain’s modern cuts and forms will shape this trend on you. If you are looking for a ladylike look, the popular Australian brand Zimmermann will take care of your wardrobe like previous seasons.Thanks to bows and polka dots will come together and you will never be off style.

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