Biker Shorts

When Off-White decided to take inspiration from Lady Diana, we never thought Princess’ style would be such huge trend for fashion industry.By the way if we think who looked best in biker shorts ,answer will be Lady Diana for sure. Yet biker shorts are still on fire, especially when they are combined with maxi prints, oversized shirts and sweatshirts. From our perspective, they are supposed to be minimal, yet combined with a twist.

So, you can either follow Prada’s path and use prints and patterns at biker shorts and combine them with a chic blouse, again oversized shrts and sweatshirts or pick the fabric of biker shorts in a minimal way and for the top, pick a pattern from our wide range. If you are looking for an inspiration, all you have to do is to look at Prada and MSGM’s runway shots that will help a lot while you are looking for an inspiration. If you follow this trend you will not regret!

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