If you feel like these pieces belong to the bedroom as ‘onesies’ try to get rid of the idea and pick the coolest boilersuit. In these days women do not want to spend lots of time for their clothing choices , so boilersuits are the best option for that. Micro prints and stripes are your savior in order to pull off the look with boilersuits.

They can be either micro, vertical stripes or micro floral prints or basically any other print that you’d like to use. No matter what print you apply on a boilersuit, as long as you combine them with the perfect pump and maybe with a fanny-pack, you will be ready to hit the dance floor, or a chic dinner party. These pieces are capable of suiting anywhere, anytime. As you can see from Stella McCartney’s runway piece, no matter which color and print you have on your boilersuit, this will also give.

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