Botanical Floral Patterns

Previously on our blog we mentioned about the ”Power of Floral Prints and Patterns”. As we all know that we can not think any season without floral prints and patterns in design indusrty. Also we mentioned about the type of floral prints and patterns. In this blog we are going to mentioned about botanical floral prints and patterns.

Firstly we should know some important things which differences between botanical art and botanical illustrations.

When the artists create botanical illustrations they emphasis on the scientific records. On the other hand in botanical art, artists create their works without scientific details. Their artwork always based on the aestetic values. Pattern designers generally, actually not generally they always prefer the second way which is botanical art.

From beginning to today floral rints and patterns are always very popular. Beside that botanical floral prints and patterns are also very popular. Thanks to their realistic looks. That realistic looks also create sophisticated looks on products. such as dresses, wallpapers and so on…