Fall/Winter 20-21 Color Trends

There is one truth color trends are never the same. Every passed years color trends are changing.

In this blog we are going to talk about Fall/Winter 20-21’s some of forecasting colors for fashion to interior design.

Bright Blues

As everybody knows blue is the coolest and the purest color for everytime. For the next fall and winter almost every platform will give a place to blue.All of as got the message from the Pantone- during the beginning of the year.They said that ”Classic Blue ” will be color of the year and we loved this color so much like every designer from the fashion industry.

Futuristic Fuchsia

Two years ago most of people who interests for the colors, they mentioned about fuchsia as a ”color of the future”. Yes, they were right. This year’s actually for the next 5 years’ color will be ”fuchsia” As an advice we can say that you should do not afraid of the use fuchsia for your garments even for your home decoration.