Highlights From London Fashion Week

Furnishing Florals

Theme of Spring/Summer 2020! Everyone has thought that question. Now time to answer that question. According to London Fashion Week the theme will be ”grandmotherhouse”. That is why we saw a lot of furnishing florals at the shows. On the other hand we should definitely mention about the second important trend of upcoming season which ”neovictorian” style. At that point floral prints and patterns with furnishing flowers really help to manifest itself. From London Fashion Week shows Richard Quinn and Erdem were the best examples of that trend.

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Flat Vector Flowers

The newest alternative for the upcoming season that Spring/Summer 2020. We have seen a lot of vector floral patterns at the shows during the London Fashion Week.Like, Erdem and Victoria Beckham. The key of that trend is use florals in one or two colors.For sure we will see that print & pattern with shirts and summer dresses.

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Doodle Pattern

We can say that minimalism showed itself little bit. Of course it does not mean we will not see maximalist prints and patterns during the Spring/Summer 2020. But we will change our direction to simpler patterns in fewer colors.Some, like Victoria Beckham. She used simple fine lines and doodle patterns.Her dress was the perfect example of minimalism and also thanks to that dress she invites us to minimalism.

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Patchwork Prints

”Pattern Play” Those two words are the key words for Spring/Summer 2020.

Upcoming season is all about pattern mixing. For example we are going to use floral patterns with plaid pattern or we are going to use different type of floral patterns together. If we look at the Ports 1961‘s design we can understand that trend easily. The designer of Ports 1961 used different type of floral patterns and zebra skin prints together. This patchwork style work was also seen at Erdem and Preen’s shows.At that point designersd wanted to give the most important message of this year. ” Save The Planet”. Al we know that idea of patchwork style and that could be good example for sustainability.

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Electric Skin

Animal skin print trend continued at London Fashion Week but in a different way. Animal skin prints and patterns updated itself from true form,classic prints and patterns to electric brights, big scales and colorful gradients.Zebra skin prints were the most forecasting type of animal skin prints and patterns. The best example of zebra skin print is Marques Almeida‘s maroon and yellow colored design. Beside that designers used tiger stripes and dalmatian spots for designs. Some, like House of Holland and Richard Quinn used maximalist and brightful animal skin prints and patterns.

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Placement Patterns

Christopher Kane designed a lot of garments with placement patterns. Especially for young generation. He took themes of heaven and earth for his collection. He used solarised planets, some ”environmental” slogans and clouds. We can say that that show was one of the Christopher Kane’s best shows and also his thought about that show was ” I think this one of my favorite ollections I have done so far.”

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Stripes Pattern

Striped patterns always work. Upcomaing season’s striped patterns want to be seen and also they want to be seen boldly. We saw a lot of examples for boldly stripes patterns. For example, Erdem used red and black stripes, Burberry used red and white stripes. On the other hand Ports 1961 prefered more optical lines for their designs.

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