Highlights From Paris Fashion Week

Floral Garden

Like always floral prints & patterns were big hit at the shows. The most remarkable design with floral prints & patterns could be Dior’s design. Designer of Dior used floral arragement on Dior’s designs and all designs with floral prints & patterns have messages behind them. The main point of those messages is ” Environmental Awarness”. Also we can say couple of famous brans who used garden flowers in their designs. Like, Comme des Garçons. ( used 3d roses) and Givenchy (used bouquets of embroidered blooms).

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Colorful Graphic Prints

From polkadots to plaid patterns. We saw a lot of graphic prints and pattern during the Paris Fashion Week. Almost all designers who attend the Paris Fashion Week used bright and vivid colors like rainbow from color palette. Lanvin and Paco Rabanne have been used colorful graphic prints for their collections.

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Hippie Mind

Paris Fashion Week made us feel little bit bohemian. Thanks to Paco Rabanne and Celine… If we look at the especially Paco Rabanne’s show we can see the exact bohemian prints & patterns.Paco Rabanne used bold colors and groowy prints & patterns for Spring / Summer 2020.

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Black & White Stripes

Those two Color’s combination is exactly the most popular and classic combination for all of us. Some of famous and important fashion brands used that classic combination for their collections. Some like, Balmain and Sacai.

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Bright Patterns

Another eyecatching print & pattern trend for upcoming season which is Spring / Summer 2020 is bright floral prints & patterns. There is a tricky part of that trend. Using bright flowers on black silk fabric. ”Saint Laurent” has been used that trend in best way.

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Pop Art

The most colorful artworks come from Pop Art Movement. During the Paris Fashion Week designers showed us their colorful Pop Art designs. Like, Balenciaga ,Junya Watanabe and Lanvin. Balenciaga’s choice was magazine cover pages on the other side Junya Watanabe and Lanvin prefered classic American comics.

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For the upcoming season which is Spring / Summer 2020 polkadots will be very popular for sure. Beyond any doubt every type of polkadots will be dominat piece for Spring / Summer 2020. Different sizes and different colors of polkadots.

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