History of Floral Prints&Patterns Part 2

In this blog we are going to contiouning to mention about history of floral prints and patterns.

Previosly we talkeld about how was the floral prints and patterns in 12th Century and Ancient Egypt times. The most important thing could be Ancient Egyptians who were the first florist in the history.

Now we are going to talk about Greeks, Romans and Byzantines times.

In Ancient Greek and Roman times women used flowers as a hair accessories that very very important for them. When we look at the Ancient Greek floral prints and patterns we realized colors of the flowers were not imoprtant. Meaning of flowers were more important than other things. Generally they used roses ( like Ancient Egyptians) lilies, tulips and marigolds for their floral designs.

Now Romans and Byzantines turn!

The romans also believed power of the flowers for floral prints and patterns. In additon the Ancient Greek time flowers that had been used for the floral prints and patterns. They used fruits and foliages too. During the Byzantine period they made spiral and conical designs for floral print and patterns. and in that time daisies, carnations and lilies were very popular for floral prints and patterns.