History of Floral Prints&Patterns

Frist question why ”history of floral prints and patterns” ? As everybody knows this pattern type is the most common pattern type that is floral pattern.

If we talk about the history of floral prints and patterns, we should definitely mention about the defination of the floral prints and patterns.

Floral pattern, a pattern using flowers, leaves, and some other nature elements like flower buds, foliages and etc.. Basically floral pattern must have those elements from nature, exact form or abstract form.

Let’s talk about the history of floral prints & patterns period by period.

Hundereds of years ago people used real flowers to decorate their clothes. During the 12nd century, Chinese peaople started to make beautiful embroidered patterns with flowers and other nature elements. This trend spreaded to Eastern and Asian countries too.

When we came to Acient Egyptios, we can say that Ancient Egyptians are known as the first florists in the history.Et’s talk about the Egyptians floral prints and patterns. Most often theny used roses, acacias, violets, jasmines and like other flowers for their floral prints and patterns…