History of Fruit Prints

It must be known that every print and pattern types have its own history. Today we are going to mention about ” History of Fruit Prints”. And again it must be known that it has long and amusing history.

First thing first , for this year once you open your instagram account your feed will be full of fruit patterned dresses, in one word full of fruit patterned garments.

Lets go to the beginning of this pattern type. We should go back to 18th century. When we go back to that that we are going to faced with waistcoat with embriodered berries. this trend started at that time.

When we came the recent past -1953 – Dior was located on the first row on this trend. Dior had garments with berries, blueberries and strawberries. Today nothing was chaned again Dior is located on the first row of this trend. Every season they created amazing collections with delicious fruits.

Nowadays, fruit patterned garments are very popular. We mean Spring/Summer of 2020 and Autumn/Winter of 2020-2021. Men or women it does not matter everyone should have at least one piece with fruit print ,n ther wardrobes.