Home Decoration Trends 2020

In 2020 we are going to see lots of different style for home decoration. Today we are going to talk about which pattern styles going to be popular in this year.

Abstract Patterns

This year we’ll see abstract prints and patterns on pillows,walls,sofas and something like home decoration elements. Abstract patterns will be with bold geometric design elements, hand drawn doodles and colorful blocks. Basically you can prefer whatever you think as an abstract design elements. Like all trends,this trend has also some key colors like red, navy blue, mustard yellow and natural earth tones.

Japanese Style Patterns

Japanese prints and patterns coming into our like strongly. Several famous home decoration brands showed us it already.If you want to follow this trend you should not go far away from ”minimalism”. You shoul kept that idea which is ”Less is more”. For this trends you can use fine lines, lineart japanese elements and hand drawn japanese flowers.

Retro Patterns

Retro prints and patterns are always very popular. We can not change it all. Every season we can see them since 70s. For 2020retro prints and patterns are again very popular. As an advice, you should definitely Bauhaus movement for your decioration elements. Thanks to Bauhaus philosophy you can create more contemporary prints and patterns.This trend’s key materials are velvet and leather, on the other side key colors are mustard yellw, dark green and sunbaked tones..