Key Trends From NYFW Fall 2020

First thing first, everybody knows that floral prints and patterns are the queen of other type of prints and patterns. According to NYFW we should say that we are going to see floral prints and patterns like always. Again according to NYFW we can give you some tips about floral prints and patterns ”how they should be”. For the next fall some of of floral patterns will bi realistic , on the other side some of them will be formless and abstract. But all of themmust be artistic. As we all remember last year Victorian style was very popular. Next fall and winter that style again will be on stage. We are going to see Victorian flowers everyhere.

Moreover, next fall and winter every women should have at least one pancho or cape in their wardrobes. Those pieces can be plain like maroon, red ,black or blue. But you shuld prefer them with patterns. Like, with abstract, floral or striped and ethnic pattern. In that point again we are going the understand the power of patterns when we wear them.

Last but not least, line art flowers again on stage. This is one of the key trend of Fall/Winter 2020. Artistic lineart flowers will be very popular. If you want to have cool and fresh look you should go into them. Furthermore,little secret for you do not go far away from minimalistic look…