When 90’s trend came onto the runway again with bright colors, giant patterns and logos, we were ready to rock the Street with our Champion hoodies and Versace logo printed t-shirts on. But now, it’s time to take a deep breath and open some space for something smaller yet cool. Follow the path of Balenciaga and use micro and static pattern all over your outfit.

When we first saw these micro patterns on maxi dresses, we thought that those pieces would go great on a beach event. But now, these patterns are all on our Street wear inspiration and they get along with anything you can imagine. Jeans, colorblock pieces, one shoulder dresses, jackets and even coats are all blank canvases for these micro ones. Micro florals, dots and abstract patterns will create an illusion on your look and do not forget:  As we all know that everything is cuter when it’s smaller! And cute and small thing always work.

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