Milan Fashion Week 21 – 27 Sept. 21

Let’s start to talk about the most unforgetable moments from the third week of the most important fashion month!

According to Milan Fashion Week we can say that lively colors and gloring pri-
nts are the most outstanding things. Like Fendi, Prada and Versace showed their new collections based on these two things. On the other hand ”Fendace” could be one of the most eye popping things from Milan Fashion Week. Fendi and Versace made wonderful collaboration between each other. They mixed and matched their logos and their aesthetics.

Let’s take a look ar print and pattern and color trends from MFW!

Thanks to ”Bluemarine” we should say flowers and clouds will be deniable elements for prints and patterns. Moreover thanks to Jill Sander we can realize mix of geometric shapes’ power for prints patterns.

As we mentioned at the beginning lively colors will be on stage. When we look at the Versace’s show , we can easily see how to be youthful and delight with lively colors. She used bright colors in her collection and thanks to that we already felt how summer should be!