Most Common Types of Pattern Repeats

First of all we should answers that question. ” What is pattern repeat?” That questions’ answer should known from any designers who interested in that industry. In this blog firstly we are going to answer that question then we are going to explain types of pattern repeats.

First thing first ”What is pattern repeat?”

Let’s think about a design for decorating or tittivate surface or ares consist of number of ornaments, elements or something that arranged it regular or irregular. ( It has own regularity in itself.) There are lots of repeat types in design industry. In the second part we are going to explain couple of them name by name.

Block Repeat

The block repeat is the simplest version of pattern repeats. People also call that type as a ”full drop pattern repeat” In that style design elements should place on a simple grid and designers should arranged their design elements in a row. ( horizontal or vertical)

Half Drop Repeat

This one is the second commonly used surface pattern repeat types. The method of this pattern is when a design elements are repeaitng again solely halfway down horizontally or vertically from the previous design elements that is the original design elements.

Brick Repeat

Brick repeat pattern is also commonly used surface pattern repeat types. It is very similar to the half drop pattern repeat. Just one this is different from it. Design repeat elements shoul organize horizontally.

Diamond Layout

This repeat pattern type consists of repeating diamond shape. Design elements being arranged in diagonal rows or lines.

Random Pattern Repeat

Design elements are placed randomly. We can say that there is no need structure. You can create your design units with randomly located design elements. Designers generally prefer that style especially for floral prints and patterns.