Neon colors

When we first saw neon colors on the street, we first thought this was an extension of biker shorts as these pieces were creating more of a sporty look. After one season, neon yellow, pink and orange were all over the places, including runways. It’s always an option to create a full neon look but in order to create a difference, why do not you think of creating a neon pattern? It could be a good idea. If you feel like neon full looks are too extravaganza for you, apply the neon twist among the prints.

So your florals could bloom at night, your stripes show theirselves in brightness or you can pretend as if you are in a uniform that glows in the dark with your neon checkers. Just to let you know, all neon pieces don’t have to glow in the dark, just like Valentino and Victoria Beckham’s pieces which are the best examples of it. And one mor thing about neon colors according to the SS19 catwalks of New York, Milan and Paris we can say that lime green, blinding yellow, extra hot pink and flame orange are the champions.

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