New York Fashion Week 8 – 12 Sept. 21


NYFW is back! After so much time away from the runways, – you know it was digital last year- the whole shows were exciting and we can say that we totally felt the NYFW’s positive vibes.

Now we do not want to waste of our times… Let’s take a look at print&pattern and color trends for upcoming season which is SS22. Let’ws start with Brandon Maxwell. Brandon Maxwell’s this collection began with mushroom swirls and some holographic and illusionic patterns. Beside that as we all know Brandon Maxwell is very good at luxury style and the best to transform this luxury style to easy to wear products. Secondly, when we think about the colorsCarolina Herrera comeas up to stage. During the Carolina Herrera’s show we saw lots of bright colors like fuchsia, red, yellow-in floral prints of course- and other bright colors from the rainbow. In addition to those two popular brands , now we have to mention about Moschino . In a word, the show was cute. We can describe this collection like that. Pastel colors, animal prints with teddy bear, mini skirts, alphabet blocks and so on.. We alse have mention about Gigi Hadid. She was perfect at the shows like whole designs…

Time to talk about colors little bit. You can see the trendy colors above that have been shared by The Color Institue of Pantone. You can also check the trendiest patterns with that color chart’s image. Beside that we will mention about other dominant colors from the shows. Those are, every shades of green, especially orange hues and white. We think that those the color hues arethe key colors for upcoming season. Let’s see.

To sum up, all we need some fresh air in our lives. Because of covid-19 pandemic all of us felt down little bit maybe more than little bit. This september thanks to New York Fashion Week we refreshed little bit particularly for our social lives and fashion sides of our lives. Those two things could be the most important things for us.

So time to goodbye for this blog. See you after London Fashion Week.