ParisFashion Week Fall/Winter 2021-2022

One more Paris Fashion Week has came and gone. Finally Paris Fashion Week closed the one more fashion month with gorgeous final.

Let’s get start with Miu Miu which has shown us what winter exactly what it is. Miu Miu’s show has given us lots of informations for colors. During the Miu Miu’s show we saw soft pinks, bright and deep tones reds and lime greens…

On the other hands we need to mention about prints and patterns’ sides. In that case Giambattista Valli used delicate floral prints, Isabel Marant who also used floral prints very well.

To sum up we can say lots of things about Paris Fashion Week but any way that will be not enough. But as a summarize for prints & patterns and colors all these shows gave us idea about how to we have elegance and sophistication.