PFW SS 2021 Best Looks

We can call the Paris Fashion Week as a final destination of fashion month. But not for this year! This year is very different than the past. Because of Covid-19. This year PFW have not ended the exact time. Some of designers have not show their shows yet.

In this blog we are going to talk about what we saw during the Paris Fashion Week-based on PFW’s schedule-.

First things first ”color”. When we look at the collections we can easily recognize the superiority of soft version of yellow. We have seen the soft and lightearted yellow at Givenchy, Altuzzarra and Chloe’s shows.

Moreover most of designers from Paris Fashion Week changed their directions to the 80’s. They prefered retro syles and retro patterns for their collections. When we look at the shows we can see the oversized shoulders, shiny fabrics and retro styled patterns.

As a conclusion of course we can say lots of things about Paris Fashion week but we are going to summerize in couple of sentences like do not forget to pay attention on sustainability-think about the patchwork patterns) and change your view to 80′ ( use bright and shiny colors and use retro patterns) and so on…