Power of Floral Pattern

Nowadays, we can see patterns everywhere!

On garments, on the wall,on the road basically on every surface. Even we can say that everything has its own patterns. In this blog we will go into the fashion side of patterns.

First thing first.

Like everybody knows that pattern trends are changing year by year. Actually season by season. For example when the year at 2008 we saw a lot of geometic patterns on garments which mean geometric patterns were very popular at that year in fashion industry. On the other side when the year at 2019 pattern trends have been changed and at that year abstract patterns were very popular.

Beside all of those patterns like geometric patterns abstract patterns, there is one pattern type which is always popular. If there is a question about that. ” Which one is the most popular pattern ?” Beyond any doubt the answer will be ”Floral Patterns”

Noone thinks that a season without floral prints and patterns. We saw every passed year type of floral prints and patterns and for sure we will see floral prints and patterns in the future!

Lets talk about the most important type of floral prints and patterns;

  • Ditsy Floral Patterns
  • Watercolored Floral Patterns
  • Abstract Floral Patterns
  • Retro/Vintage Floral Patterns
  • Tropical Floral Patterns
  • Botanical Floral Patterns
  • Damask Floral Patterns

Those types only few example from the floral pattern types. We can say that floral pattern is the Queen of fashion indusrty. Not only fashion industry Floral Pattern is the queen of design indusrty!