Prints all over

When Versace decided to change its point of view and combined checkers with Versace’s Medusa, things started to get wild at the print game, too wild.. Now checkers and stripes and florals are combined all together and guess what? It’s no longer considered as absurd it seems normal to us. So it’s the year of prints especially when you have several prints to combine, there’s no need to hesitate try to put together what you think.

The trick for this trend is to pick micro-prints in order to create a better-looking outfit. Or there is always another option to create a full-look with the same print yet in different colors for tops or bottoms. In fact, you can try to mix different trends under this roof in the end it will look pretty good. For example; just like Versace did sor SS19, combine floral patterns with 80’s glamorous shoulders and do not hesitate to add some stripes, just in case…

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