Seasonal Trend Analysis: According to Premiere Vision

Premiere Vision is one of the most important evet in textile indusrty. We can say that this event/fair says lots of important information about the current season or upcoming seasons.

In this blog we are going to mention about which pattern styles will be dominant for Autumn/Winter 20/21.

Accordin to Premiere Vision for AW/20-21 there will be 11 pattern styles will be popular for the next season. These are, Wax prints, Follow the grain, Shadowed florals, Point blots, Fruits of the forest, Marbling,Doppled Dots, Ikat, Nomadicluxe, Floral Camo and Boudoir blooms…

Wax Prints

Thanks to Christian Dior and Ulla Johnson this pattern type going to be very popular when the time for AW/20-21. Question time! What is ”Wax Prints” ? We can explain wax prints like big ethnic flowers on abstract patterned background. The main idea is using spicy toned colors for this trend.

Follow the Grain

The idea of this type is do not go far away from the wooden texture look. Key color of this thind is indigo and natural colors.

Shadowed Florals

This style contains flowers with their shades and they should located on dark background.

Point Blots

Abstract,artistic and expressive points.You can use flowers, animal skin patterns to create this style.

Doppled Dots

Formless and amorphous polkadots and dot shaped design elements. Key point of that style is minimalism. Every design from that style must be minimalistic.

Boudoir Blooms

One of the most powerful pattern style of AW/20-21. keysof that pattern style are grandmother flowers and furnishing flowers.

We mentioned about the pattern styles of AW/20-21 from premiere Vision Paris. As we mentioned beginning of this blog those informations will take a turn to fashion. No doubt!