Need To Know About NYFW-SS21

When we go back to fashion mont of 2020, itis safe to say ” This year’s fashion mont was the weirdest fashion month we have ever seen!.” Because of ”coronavirus”.

This year Jason Wu opened the fashion month in NYC and in the sequel New York Fashion Week-NYFW continued with some of famous New Yorker fashion designer’s shows. Of course in new normal rules. In this blog we are going to talk about featured pattern and color trends from NYFW for SS21.

First things first ”pattern trends”. If you love to wear designs with prints and patterns, this year will make you happy… For the 2021’s Spring and Summer we are going to see lots playful patterns. Now question time… What are the season’s strongest pattern types? The answer of that question is ”vertical stripesi leaopard prints and delicate floral patterns. Those three type of patterns very popular during the SS21. Moreover there is a trick for patterns. Those prints and patterns should apply as all over prints/patterns rather than pieced in.

Now, Colors turn! Firstly we are going to mention about Pantone’s top 10 colors from NYFW. These are, Rust, Raspberry Sorbet, Burnt Coral, Illumunating, Green Ash, Mint, French Blue, Cerulean and Amethyst Orchid.

When we look at that color palette we can feel the energy. For sure this color palette makes us very happy thanks to vibrant colors.And it means 2021’s Summer will be full of happiness -Hopefully-. ( everyone’s dream). To sum up if you wonder what was the most popular color from NYFW , we can say orange tones as an answer.

At the end of this blog we can say that ” According to NYFW SS21 will be very amusing and please do not afraid to use patterns and vivid colors on your wardrobes, homes , basically in your life..

Be safe!