SS 22 Pattern Trend Forecasting

In this article our focus is especially on prints & patterns that explains trends from SS22. also we will mention about little bit trends from Premiere Vision SS 21 from prints patterns sides.

First things first; Premiere Vision. If we keep this season in perspective we can summarize this season with couple of words which are circularity, sustainability, digital reality and peaceful. According to Premiere Vision we can say that, we need to focus on digitally created patterns such as lace and embroidery looks, repeated visual shapes ( like retro effects), textured looks, like embroidery and glittered yarns and so on. On the other hand one more pattern type will be very dominant in this season that inspired by video games.

Now time to talk about overview of this season’s pattern trends.

When we look at this season ” a bird’seye shot ” we should say almost 30 % of patterns are including flowers. This is substantial. Floral patterns are always popular but for upcoming season this type of patterns are going to act huge role. Beside that brushstrokes, linear outlines will be also on stage.

As a result we can say that, especially for women they will walk araound as aa piece of art…