The Best Colors of AW 20/21 For Women

Like everybody knows who interests in fashion/textile industry Premiere Vision could be the best organization. During this important organization we can get lots of information about trends. For example, we can get information about colors, prints and patterns or farbric trends and so on.

Today we are going to talk about the best colors of AW-20/21 for women fashion.

First thing first, outwears for women. They should use deep and intense colors for their outwear products. For intense, they can prefer Shamanic Blue, Purple Addict, Emerald Potion, Cosmic Ink, Carnivorous Bait,Prothesis… Those colors are working in that way which using monochromatically or using cold and warm contrast.

Secondly, we are going to talk abour color trends for dresses and tops. According to Premiere Vision Color Range we called some of them as a best. These are Lip Brick, Carnivorous Bait, Fiery Ego, Tender Throat, Emerald Potion and Shamanic Blue. For dresses and tops you should prefer reddish, pink and blue toned colors.

Thanks to Premiere Vision Color Range we gave you some color ideas to you. ıf you prefer those colors your look will be cool and chic than before.