The biggest color trends from PFW

Paris Fashion Week was the fourth of the four global fashion events for Spring/Summer 2020. In this article we are going to talk about the color trends of Spring/Summer 2020 according to Paris Fashion Week.

Mosaic Blue

This unique blue tone reminds us the purest and the cleanest sky in middle of the summer. We can not say the coolest blue tone for Mosaic Blue but for sure this color will be one of the most popular blue shades of the Spring / Summer 2020 like Classic Blue.

Grape Compote

If you are looking for a color for elegant dresses ”Grape Compote” will be the easiest choice for it but at the same time you can prefer this color for oversized garments. This tone of purple is the deepest and the coolest version of that hue. At the Paris Pashion Week Isabel Marant used that perfect tone of purple with naive flowers.

Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet is deeper and richer version of all red tones. Red has very important place in fashion industry as a core. The best example of it is the ”red carpets”. Celebrities can not wait to show their amazing costumes in that. Always! If we go back to Paris Fashion Week. Baleciaga and Alexander McQueen used that perfect red with square shouldered designs and beautiful floral patterned dresses.

Coral Pink

” Coral Pink ” is the most pretty and feminine color for Spring / Summer 2020. Like Blossom.

Tanager Turquoise

You can see two close colors in that turquosie. You can feel the blue like ocean on the otherhand you can feel the green like fresh grass. Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten used that amazing and the coolest tone with their designs.

Sweet Lilac

Balmain and Sandra Mansour have been presented that color with perfect way. We can say a lot of things about that color but if we should summarize it. We can say that this pink hue is kind of baby color but at the same time it is kind of feminine color. But the main point of it is this pink really representation of elegancy.


”Sunlight” as its name it remember us warm spring times. It is warm ,it is fresh definitaley it is for hot summer times.

Spicy Mustard

Perfect color for summer. You can combine this warm color with olmast all colors from the SS2020 color trends.

Rose Brown

Elegance and warm. You can use that color in everywhere. In your home , in you wardrobe, on your make upand so on..

Pistachio Green

Feel clean, feel fresh, feel the nature… This color hepls us to relax. Giambattista and APC showed that color during the Paris Fashion Week.

Classic Blue

”Classic Blue” has been chosen as a color of the year from the Color Institiue.

Cinnamon Stick

You can think that these kind of colors work well during the fall season but this year something has been changed. We will see spicy colors like Cinnamon Stick during the Spring Summer 2020.


Deep and Warm. This military green is really popular as much as other trendy colors.

Biscay Green

From kidswear to homewaer. In all industries prefer this gorgeous and lively aqua tone for Spring /Summer 2020.

Beetroot Purple

”Beetroot Purple” is a must-have color for Spring/Summer 2020.

Fiery Red

We saw that terrific red tone in a lot of famous designers’ collection Like Altuzarra and Saint Laurent. Beyond any doubt we can not go far away from this gorgeous version of red.

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