Top 16 Colors from NYFW and LFW

Today we are going to talk about top 4 major-total 16 colors from New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. During the those two fashion weeks we saw obviously timeless colors.Yes, they are trendy but they are always trendy. As we said before they are timeless.

Executive director of Pantone: Leatrice Eiseman sorted this year’s color trends . she said that ” Reflecting a ”Less is more.” mindset that is becoming increasingly important to consumers prioritizing value and fontuality, our color palette is stripped of excess”…

Let’s go into the colors;

Natural Tones

Like Eiseman said this year obviously reflecting a ”less is more” philosophy. For this trendy color palette we can say + important tones from Pantone color palette which are Sandstone, Tawny Birch, Sheepskin and Peach Nougat. Those 4 colors were pretty dominant at London Fashion week and also those kind of colors looks very pure and pretty feminine. Most of designers used that color . Especially they have been prefered this color palette for their outwear designs.

Lovely Reds

We can describe those kind of reds with two words. ”Rich and Warm”. From those 4 populer tone of reds ”Samba” was the star. For London Fashion Week Pantone said that-for dark tone of reds- combines heartiness with sophisticated eathiness. If you onder our opinion about this color we can say that you mast a have red in your wardrobes for the A/w 20/21. Those reds are flawless.

Cool Blues

As we all know ”Classic Blue” is Pantone’s Color of the 2020. Those kind of blues pretty dominant at New York Fashion Week. ıt was suprise for us. During the London Fashion Weekwe have not seen them so much. the Color Institute of Pantone described that color as a ” evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky”… A/W 20/21 we are going to see almost every type of blue on the streets, homes, special events… everywhere! Our four best tones from the blue color palette are classic blue, strong blue, true blue and blue depths. We car sort this topic with that sentence.” From darkest to light version of blue. Everywhere will be blue. be Ready for that!”

Warm Oranges

Pantone explained that color as a good and expensive shades of nature… that conveys a message of spontaneity and happiness. That orange hues were domant at two important fashion weeks which are London and New York Fashion Weeks. Emost of us love the summer times and during the winter period we miss the summer months. We think that those orange tones help to remember us summer times. If all you need is summer do not go far away from those tones…