Watercolor material

If you are not into bold and remarkable patterns and prints, there are always abstract option with a twist. This is the perfect gap for watercolor patterns to fill in. Basically they are stylist, can be worn with anything (but do not forget to wear them with mostly basic pieces so it would not be a pattern mixture) and you will definitely look good in this boho-chic style pattern.

Watercolor is a perfect choice for summer dresses and tops. If you think that watercolor material will be a little bit childish or immature, take a look at award winning designer Richard Queen’s collection (or even Gvasalia’s Balenciaga previous seasons) and see the possible chic looks with watercolor effect on. It would both pull a night out, a chic dinner party, an invitation or even a garden wedding , you can wear this kind of dresses in everywhere. If you go for a little shorter version, then there’s nothing holding you to walk down the street with you watercolor dress on.

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